Why Turkey?


As a developing country, Turkey to foreign investors, especially in the Arab Region offers many positive economic and social investors.

Advantages of Real Estate Investment?

The Turkish real estate sector has increased to a position that meets the needs and expectations of foreign investors with its development and investments over the years. The Turkish Real Estate Sector, which meets different expectations and needs with many projects, offers safe, attractive and saving investment opportunities to foreign investors.

Also, provision of foreign investors who invest a certain percentage of the residence permit and citizenship is another plus to make real estate investments in Turkey. from the date of 09.19.2018 at least $ 250,000 in real space aliens and their families may be a citizen of Turkey Turkey within six months.

Foreign investors and their families, who receive 650 thousand TL or more, are granted a 3-year residence permit. Moreover, foreign investors and their families have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship if they reside in the house they have received for 5 years. Real estate and the construction sector, a country where many live in Turkey to win this privilege is also a very good investment and generate income.


Advantages of Establishing a Business?

Open to foreign capital, Asia and Europe have a transition point, having emerging economies, with the privileges of the Customs Union with the EU and in Turkey Turkey, comes as an option, offering gains for foreign investors. The introduction of foreign capital into the country and encouraging foreign investors make it a market for our country in terms of laws and policies.

Foreign investors can own company in Turkey in two ways. Companies in Turkey can establish or participate in a company in Turkey. Secondly, foreign investors have to establish a company by the real people or they are partners in order to receive shares in the company. In two years, investors can benefit from the 20% corporate tax benefit granted to foreign investors. Turkey trading company of sale, investment allocations, insurance premiums and similar incentives in this state. In addition, with the arrangements to be made on January 12, 2017, the right of Turkish citizenship was granted to foreigners who were joint and alienated, or owed or depreciated.

And the business world in Turkey is building a large domestic market gain from having a distinct plus.


Advantages of living in Turkey?

Dear countries

In addition to being one of the most important countries in the world, both historical and cultural attractions attract hundreds of thousands of people every year. The importance of these values at work in Turkey’s foreign investors, the increase in employment in recent years is quite large. Especially modern Turkey, a Muslim country to the fact that more Arab investors also put forward. We say brothers culturally and financially – we share many moral values of Arab society in Turkey, accustomed to feeding their own culture, to live, to worship, and their behavior can be fulfilled easily.

Health Tourism Center Turkey

Except that an Islamic country which is extremely modern and sophisticated Turkey, health tourism, is also the center of the case. The world-famous doctor and it is great to live in Turkey, many small operations which are conducted to upgrade your crop you look in terms of living standards and quality.

Citizenship Rights

The recognition of citizenship and modest facilities with different offers to Turkey stand out compared to other countries. You have the right to invest and have the privilege of citizenship as soon as you chose your living space is one of the Islamic countries, Turkey’s biggest plus.

Education Privilege

The fact that many modern and successful schools take place in our country offers solutions for families who are worried about their future.

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