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As IEP, we aim to offer life not only as a residence but as a residence. In doing so, we provide services that will take place in every detail of life and during the whole adaptation process. You are more coming to Turkey to establish any kind of requirement for you, we strive to provide you with Turkish hospitality in all the details.

When you buy a property with a value of at least 250,000 $, then you have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship according to the Turkish law. Here, at Istanbul Estate Projects company, we can help you and your family with the entire citizenship process, step by step, providing all the necessary documentations for the citizenship application

Our 25 years of experience in real estate development and consultancy, as well as sales management in Istanbul’s largest projects, allow us to provide you with the best prices in the real estate and investment market.

Whether you’re looking for a perfect place to spend a vacation or family stability in Turkey or for the best opportunity for real estate investing, deciding on a property is not an easy option at all. This is where we come to guide you through going beyond the sales pitch, taking advantage of our data, and providing feasibility studies to find a property tailored to meet your needs.

Take full advantage of concierge services from the airport or hotel gate, and never worry about having to move around a new city every time you want to check your investment progress. We organize pre-planned visits to construction sites and galleries, where you can meet the sales team directly and get the most up to date information about the project status.

Legal support services through our team of experienced Turkish lawyers equipped with long-term experience in dealing with all aspects of real estate transactions. Our team will provide you with legal advice and advisory services to ensure that you proceed with a firm legal foundation at every step of the way, to ensure your purchase and secured investment.

After you get your investment and new living space, we continue to communicate with you. We are also with you after the process as in your decision-making process. We provide solutions to all your questions, opinions and problems with our friendly team.

We help you to find the right tenant to ensure that your property earns you the maximum return on investment in the short, medium and long term. With full warranties by the tenant and official contracts

We offer you help in turning the new property into a place you can imagine, whether you are looking for a comfortable property for a holiday or simply want to fascinate potential tenants. Just specify your budget and aesthetic and we’ll have an interior designed for your property to meet your expectations.

Even if you think about selling the property after you buy it, we offer you a resale service, marketing your property through our well known networks in the real estate sector in Turkey and achieving the best possible price.

Through our experience in the real estate market in Turkey, we have noticed that the client may face great difficulties in assessing the price of the property for his apartment that he aspires to own,

In order to avoid any fraud on our clients, we launched a property valuation service in Turkey before buying, through experts and real estate consultants in the Turkish real estate market.

We may book for you according to your choice of hotel alternatives. All the details for a smooth and peaceful establishment during the time you invested in early investment, culture, tourism and rural holidays in Turkey, we are pleased to welcome you.

The city of Istanbul has become famous for its distinctive atmosphere and nature, and has become a great destination for tourists from all over the world. If you are interested in tourism services we can provide you with a special tourist program that suits your requests.

We are very interested in receiving new customers from the international airport and connecting them to their own hotels to stay, in order to provide all the comforts for customers and customers who visit Turkey for the first time:

And or their need for translation and other necessary services.

The new customers are received from the International Airport in a sophisticated manner and transported by a representative of our company with comfortable cars and a special welcome to our customers.

Our company also provides you with a number of different types of cars and sizes to suit all customer member categories

We also provide a VIP service.

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